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Saturday 6th December 2014

Chris Tye supported by Rebellion : 8pm

Chris Tye makes intimate music on a big canvas. The songs in The Paper Grenade are truthful and sad, romantic and bruised, and shot through with the confidence of a songwriter and musician who has worked out how to make a studio sing in harmony with his vision. At the centre of all the songs, Chris’s voice compels the listener with its beauty and range. Sweet-edged and soaring between melancholy and ecstasy, Tye sings of love and betrayal, dreams and fears, and is always full of desire to communicate, to ‘sing something that means a little’. Chris Tye is a sublime guitar player too, with folk and jazz influences and a nonchalant sense of rhythm. An ambitious composer, The Paper Grenade is urban folk music with lyrical intelligence, with heart and soul. It is modern and timeless, a landmark achievement from a major talent.

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