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Saturday 9th September 2017


Firefly Burning are a 5-piece ensemble from North East London creating impressioni stic music - part art-folk song, part minimalist chamber music.  Evoking sounds of Sufjan Stevens, Steve Reich and Kate Bush, the band draws on avant-pop, experimental folk, classical minimalism and Javanese Gamelan to ‘paint sound pictures and take the audience in myriad directions at will’ (For Folks Sake).

With eclectic tastes and a background in free improvisation, their music encompasses strings, piano, synthesizer, electric guitar and gamelan, centred on close vocal harmonies with echoes of William Byrd and The Beach Boys.  

The release of their second album ‘Skeleton Hill’ in 2015 garnered critical success for it’s rich tapestry and originality.  Borne out of a two year collaboration with legendary producer Tim Friese-Greene (Talk Talk), the album unites their adventurous poetic spirit with a direct, pop sensibility.  

In 2016 the band worked on a brief video covers project and are recording their third album later this year.  

"imaginative, original hybrid sound..both richly intriguing and subtle, a neat tapestry that is a joy to unravel”

“strange but soaring, dense but addictive...ideal for anybody who wishes Kate Bush were a bit more arty or Steve Reich were a lot more folky” The Times  

“fresh, original and often audacious…old and futuristic at the same time” MOJO Magazine  

"Flecks of Gentle Giant, Joni Mitchell and Fleet Foxes…a contemporary folk album with art-prog leanings: if Bjork got into 'The Wicker Man' it's be almost as unintentionally spooky as this… Cleansing." Prog Magazine  

“vital and indefinable” For Folks Sake  

“both unsettling and beautiful…all encompassing... ever changing and ever beautiful.” Gigslutz  

"Beautiful, beautiful music. A bit like North Sea Radio Orchestra meets Kate Bush, but even that doesn’t do it justice." Epileptic Gibbon Podcast  

"Quirky, challenging and innovative music…uncompromising in their bold and stark musical vision." Bright Young Folk  

"utterly hypnotic...intoxicating, beautiful and affirming"  Matchbox Magazine

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