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Saturday 7th October 2017


Nearly five years ago, Andy Guy and Mark Tolfree got together in Mark’s tool shed in Wotton-Under-Edge to drink cider and play some blues with acoustic guitar and harmonica. Later that year, Macaroni Penguins guitarist Mike Powell, who was Mark’s neighbour, joined the sessions, and the Bad Dad’s were formed. The Band started gigging as a trio with Mark on vocals and blues harmonica, Mike on guitar and Andy on bass, vocals and looped percussion. In 2015, drummer and acclaimed Bluegrass musician Jason Titley joined the band, and the The Bad Dads became a quartet.

Over the years, the band have developed a sound which has it’s roots in the old Chicago and Delta blues mixed with Americana, but which also incorporates some of the many wide ranging musical and cultural influences of the band members whose life experiences and travels have been just as varied. The band have drawn extensively from their long combined life experience to write a catalogue of original songs on day to day subjects like work, music, travel and health, as well as more serious topics. “We like to keep the music within an accessible blues genre, but the lyrics are unconstrained and very personal to us.” Says Andy. “Playing in pubs and bars we find people enjoy the upbeat music, but don’t always get to hear the meanings within the songs. We hope that a gig in a more intimate setting like UTEA will give us a chance to share our lyrics and stories with the audience”.

The Bad Dads are:

Mark Tolfree, a local landscape gardener and a dad of four. Mark grew up in Bristol where he played in various bands. He brings his Southern Rock and Chicago Blues influences to his vocal and harmonica playing.

Mike Powell, a dad who works locally as an accountant. Already established and as a guitarist locally Mike plays acoustic and slide resonator guitar where he incorporates his rock and delta blues influences.

Andy Guy, dad of two, works locally as an electronics engineer. Also a guitarist, he switched to upright bass when Mike joined the band and hasn’t looked back since. Andy likes to incorporate Country and Americana influences to The Bad Dads blues mix. He’s also a massive Elvis fan.

Jason Titley, a dad like the others, is an excellent Bluegrass guitarist and member of The Daily Planet and Jason Titley Collective. He even has his own radio show. He plays drums with The Bad Dads and brings a wealth of musical experience to the band.

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