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Saturday 21st July 2018


LightGarden’s genre-defying music has world, folk and traditional influences, in many moods. Their original songs and music combine intricate guitar, harmonium, bouzouki and fiddle interwoven with the harmonic bell-like sounds of overtone chanting to produce a unique, uplifting, unexpected and irresistible sound "for which the word beautiful might have been invented" (Stirrings).

“...a seriously magical set of original acoustic music; captivating throughout.” – Venue, Bristol.
“Pan-European folk and acoustic...inner space and outer. Fiercely original but very friendly.” - The Bell, Bath 2017
“Lush – in a good way.” – audience feedback.
"...the versatility of LightGarden's unique sound is nothing short of astounding and we haven't even mentioned the heavenly harmonies yet!" - Musicport Festival 2017

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