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Saturday 18th May 2019


An evening of heart, hilarity and harmony with the fabulous B Naturals!

Four guys who cover all the bases from JSBach to James Brown via Bernstein, Bossa and the Bee Gees.

Nick, Guy, Jon and Dave unite their varied backgrounds in jazz, barbershop, electrical engineering, choral music, bank management and soul to bring you great singing with pindrop precision, whether it’s a tearjerker or a sidesplitter. Be there or be oblong. Or simply … be natural!

Singing a blend of sumptuous romantic ballads, up tempo rockers, refined baroque counterpoint and funky soul, a B Naturals show is a feast of great singing delivered with wit and panache.

Audiences are left wanting more and feeling thoroughly entertained.

Back in 2008, four guys from the Frome area formed a men’s close harmony quartet in protest at rarely ever being allowed to sing the tune.

"We didn’t really get on to start with. Jazz, classical, barbershop and 60s flower power are different, after all. We couldn’t decide what sort of songs to sing, and argued endlessly about terminology. What one called a ‘portamento in the coda’, another called a ‘swipe in the tag’, whilst the third asked ‘don’t you mean the outro?’ and the last just wanted us to point and give a little demo.

Accepting that we’re all highly pretentious in our own little ways, we now condescend to include a few of each other’s songs-numbers-charts-repertoi re in all of our gigs-concerts-singouts-sharin gs."

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