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Thursday 27th September 2018


“You have cancer. Any questions?”

Raw, hilarious and brutally honest - one woman’s true story of her cancer journey and survival. A brave 'warts and all' play written by Jacky Tolfree who "tells it how it is" about her recent experience of breast cancer.

“You’re not going to look like a smurf are you?"

Performed by Jacky's friends, a mix of local actors and newcomers to the stage, Glass Cage is very moving and extremely funny.

Wotton local Jacky Tolfree, mother of 4, runs drama workshops and writes plays for children at UTEA, as well as having a full time career. This is the first play Jacky has written for adults.

“We carry on with our life as if nothing is going to beat us, and it won’t. Because we will get through this for the kids and for each other. Agreed?"

Contains strong language. Not suitable for young children. Parental guidance recommended.

Performed for 2 nights only at Under the Edge Arts.

Featuring an introduction by Jacky Tolfree, poem by local poet Rosy Langley and piano music by Paul Groom.

100% of ticket sales plus any donations made with online sales, go to Penny Brohn UK


Jacky Tolfree 

Credit Paul Groom Photography

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