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Friday 22nd March 2019


Friday night Fred Talks returns with another three fascinating short talks by invited speakers.
Spend a relaxing evening at the end of the week listening to fascinating speakers on subjects that could include anything except politics, religion and sales pitches!

John Pinch focuses on his 50 years of teaching in Wotton in conjunction with the importance of creativity and practical work.
He reflects with warm memories on his time teaching Metalwork and Woodwork at the County Secondary Modern School that occupied premises in the Chipping adjacent to the UTEA venue.
Secondary Modern schools often attracted poor press but this school was a beacon, filled with fun, aspiring pupils and a happy place to both teach and learn in.
A frightening thought that many pupils he taught may well now be retired!

In 1960 Mike Paul and two friends spent two months driving round America looking at its most extraordinary architecture. Mike kept a written journal and a sketchbook in which he made beautiful drawings of the places they visited. Three tall young men, all their camping equipment and gear crammed into a tiny car were quite a sight, in the southern states they were hounded out of town as scruffy bearded outsiders. Enjoy Mike’s memories of the trip and the beautiful drawings he made.
In 2014 Karen Binns and Tony Evans set up a charity in their son Rory’s name to provide essential support to communities in rural Sierra Leone. Rory’s Well has drilled 17 wells to date, which have brought essential clean, safe drinking water to communities in desperate need of it. Since 2015, Rory's Well has progressed into further projects focusing on supporting the 'basics of life': clean water, food, health and livelihood. Listen to the story of this inspirational Wotton couple and their extraordinary project.

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