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Saturday 1st February 2020


An original Murder Mystery interactive evening where the audience must find the culprit. Teams must assess the story on stage, and record every clue, suspect and motive they can find.

Its election time and three determined candidates are all vying to be leader of the ruling party in government. We follow the story of St John Beckett, Minister for European affairs and is somewhat fed up with his life. He is currently topping the polls but with problems at home and in work, St John really doesn’t want to be there. Suspecting his wife of adultery with another leading candidate and being surrounded by hapless aides and colleagues, a constituent on his case at every turn, he is very much a man who isn’t happy with his lot. A 3rd challenger, Eliza, and he have a sordid history as well, which threatens to derail his leadership bid. So with so many people vying for his position and power, could a thirst for power result in a crime? There’s only one way to find out….

Maximum of 10 people per team/table.

During the first act forms will be provided to record the clues, suspect, motive which will all be shown in this act.

There will also be a quiz.

During the interval – 30 mins, the cast will mingle amongst the audience and the teams can ask them questions on where they were etc. Answers are collected at the end of the interval and marked during the second half/reveal. A team is then announced the winner at the end.


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