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Thursday 13th February 2020

AFTERMIRTH Comedy Club for Parents : 1pm

The journey of parenthood is a magical and maddening one so what better way to cope with it than through stand up comedy! AFTERMIRTH is an adult comedy club that you can bring your baby to.

We’ll have 3 top circuit comedians delivering their usual club routines so the material is mature and sweary with the odd birth story flash back.... The only difference is it’s during the day. Babies under 18 months are welcome, but please don’t bring older toddlers because they tend to heckle!

This special afternoon gig has reduced amplification and a dimmed room so no one will notice those red eyes from sleepless nights. You’re encouraged to bottle, breast or Haribo feed and you can walk about or shake Mittens the Special Rabbit in order to soothe your offspring and no one will moan or mutter if your little one cries or screams.

There’s snacks and drinks available at the bar too so treat yerself to crisps and a Prosecco, you deserve it!

The gig is also open to parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grans, carers, in fact anyone who needs some afternoon comedy and doesn’t mind some cute babies in attendance.

AFTERMIRTH is lovingly curated and compered by Angie Belcher.

Please note!
There’s limited space, ditch the buggy and bring a sling if you can.

Louise Leigh, Anna Keirle and Noel Brodie

'sharp, charismatic and seriously funny’. UK comedy

Noel will be bringing his fast paced and irreverent litany of stories to Wotton

Noel has just returned from a world tour with Harry Redknapp.

'Simply stunning stories' The Sunday Herald

'Sweet Cornish whimsy...Crazy, Bonkers!’ - Russell Brand
'wonderfully pottymouthed but endearingly innocent at the same time' - Cornish Guardian
'Far too f***ing funny' - Jo Caulfield
'Cornish comedy goddess’- Plymouth Herald
..’ you worked it and rocked it ‘- Eden Project

'Daffy Cornish bumpkin Keirle has funny in her veins, with a disarming daftness and an endearingly babbling manner.She bristles with fine, offbeat ideas and has plenty of funny lines,.....Give her a couple of years and we could be looking at an emerging comedy star' Chortle – full review available on Chortle Website

..’never fails to get a good result, a brilliant act’ Barbican theatre

One of “the most promising and original acts to come out of the South West Comedy scene in the last couple of years”, Louise Leigh is equally skilled with microphone and nit comb. She’s relatable if you have met a child, seen a husband and been alive since birth. And even if you haven’t done any of those things, she’s still proper funny.

Tickets £8 in advance, £10 on the door


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