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Q & A session with Carly from The Studio - 31 January, 6pm

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with local personal trainer Carly Gibson to host the first in a series of Q&A sessions on the subject of diet and exercise. Here’s all you need to know...

Have you ever wandered what really works when it comes to diet and exercise? Do you sometimes feel anxious or confused about all the information and advice that is out there? Well, we are not surprised, as it's very overwhelming at the best of times and during ‘lockdown’ it feels even more so. The diet and exercise industry right now is flooded with celebrities pushing their programs and our ‘feeds’ are full of adverts promoting various quick fix diets. So what really works?

We are hosting a question and answer Zoom session with Carly on Sunday January 31st at 6pm. You can get some information, advice and maybe some answers to those questions. If you would like to join in, email and we will send you the link. You will be able to join with either video or just audio if you don’t feel comfortable with video.

Carly will start off with some general advice and tips and you will then get your chance to ask questions.

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