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You may have seen our emails and posts about our plans to use this time to repair and decorate the Chipping Hall.

We've had some great responses to our request for materials and volunteers, thank you very much. It's not too late to join in - email to make your offers.

We also mentioned that we were working on a fundraising plan and can now proudly launch...

We've kept it simple and divided the wall space of the main hall in to square metres. This way we can keep you updated on how we are doing.

For just £10 you can help transform a square metre of the Chipping Hall

Your sponsorship money will help towards the cost of the prep work and materials.

Whilst the hall is closed and we are unable to share evenings of entertainment together,we hope you'd like to join us in looking to the future by donating £10, the equivalent price of a ticket to an event at UTEA.

The first milestone to be celebrated will be 40 squares sponsored. At this point we will be able to commission the preparation of the woodwork in the main hall. Your help and support is greatly appreciated as we work towards creating something positive.

Please donate here.

And this is a link to our poster - we'd love it if you could print a copy to display in your window!

Thank you!

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