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This week in the Inspiration Cabin...

... Sarah Titley from Edge Radio shares her amazing combination of motivation and welcomed energy.

​If you are thinking about trying something new you will certainly be inspired by Sarah as her enthusiasm and 'giving something a go' is contagious.

To watch this and the other conversations please see The Inspiration Cabin page

We have also invested in some live streaming equipment, and are busy working on new and exciting projects, some involving other Wotton groups and organisations. More details coming soon...

In the meantime, how are you getting on with your Creative Community Challenges? Naomi Dix has made a video showing you how to make a sock monkey.

And monkeys aren't your only option... how about a glove octopus? Or a whale? Or...

There's lots of inspiration on our Creative Community Challenges Facebook page.

And to help you stuff your creations we will be giving out free 'fluff' outside the Chipping Hall on Saturday 6 March, 2 - 3pm - just bring a bag to fill!

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