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Creative Community Challenges

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Welcome to... Creative Community Challenges... Based on the idea of upcycling everyday things found in your home.
The incredible success of Wotton Window Wanderland, enjoyed by so many during their daily exercise, captured the attention of the national media and highlighted Wotton as a creative town of talented people with amazing community spirit.
We'd like to encourage everyone to continue being creative and make the whole town smile.

Challenge 3: Scrap-tastic!

scrap fabric_resized_20210517_042532252.
coiled scrap fabric twine_resized_202105
Coiled vase - clothes line and fabric sc
Proddy rag rug cushion made from socks _

Our third Creative Challenge is set by Naomi Dix:

Time to get scrappy... What creative ways can you use your fabric scraps?

What will you make using old clothes or remnants of fabric?

Try a new technique, maybe get proggy?
Why not coil up and get crafty?

Take a look at Naomi’s ‘House of Ten’ Facebook page for lots of lovely inspiration.

Challenge 2: I used to be a Pringles Tube


Welcome to our second “Creative Community Challenge”, set by Nicki from The Craft Room, Wotton. 
Simply take an empty Pringles tube (or enjoy emptying it first...) and transform it into something new such as a pen holder. 
For more inspiration see Nicki’s blog on

Challenge 1: Sock and Glove Transformation

sock monkey.jpg

With so many textiles going into landfill, this is a great way to give these items a new lease of life.

Any old or odd, socks or gloves will do as your starting point, then let your imagination run away!


We've posted a Pinterest board for inspiration to get you started on the Facebook page. Please follow it for zoom invites, inspiration and updates.

And remember to post your "before" and "after" pictures

Here is our first transformation, by Naomi Dix. And Naomi has made a video to show you how to make a sock monkey - click here.


Taking part in the challenges?  Let everyone know!

Download a CCC sign to print out and display in your window with your creations.  There's also one to colour in...


Black & white 


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