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The Inspiration Cabin

The Inspiration behind the Inspiration Cabin!


My name is Jacky and during the last lockdown I had a vision to build and share a creative and wellbeing space. With determination and hard work, the Inspiration Cabin was created using recycled material, with each piece of the cabin having a story to tell.

This prompted me come up with the idea to share the inspiring space: to bring real life stories and creative ideas to life, to connect with people completely naturally and unscripted, and to support the UTEA in this crazy time.

Each week Jacky Tolfree chats with someone about their interests/skills/passions.  This week:

David Darlow

David Darlow shares with us his amazing story of how he was asked to set up an allotment for a local school. He took on the challenge and wasted no time in preparing the plot.

David talks us through selecting the right seasonal vegetables and providing a compost to harvesting the vegetables, and the joy this has given the children as well as himself. 

Previous conversations...

Sally Blackman

Sally shares with us the importance of well-being and the benefits and positive changes it can have on our health and in our lives.

She talks about her work including teaching Qigong – a moving meditation practice which allows the body to relax and the mind to settle. Sally also trained for three years in Shiatsu after receiving a treatment and falling in love with it, and now helps people find their personal route to improved wellness.

Julie Jenner

Julie has spread inspiration in many different ways.

She has given her time in setting up regular ‘Couch to 5k’ running sessions with great success and has also founded the Wotton Trotters where local people can meet to run together.  She encourages everyone, at any level of fitness, to have a go. 

This is a true star who has organised and given her time to promote fitness in her community. 

Gideon York

Gideon shares the amazing and inspiring story of how he and his family took advantage of an unexpected opportunity to become local bookshop owners.  Apart from being surrounded by books as a child, Gideon had no experience of the publishing and literacy world, but he didn’t let this deter him from following his vision. With a depth of experiences acquired through his varied roles in the local community, he combines his knowledge with actively networking with other independent bookshops. His determination and confidence have resulted in a thriving and rewarding bookshop for the community, yet still growing with a vision of more to come. 

A true local inspiration. 

Carly Gibson

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 28, Carly re-evaluated her life and has not hesitated in welcoming opportunities to follow her dreams and ambitions. She moved to Portugal for a simple life, living off the land, enjoying family life, and introducing her fitness classes in her garage.

After her husband received a job offer, with no hesitation Carly moved to California with family in tow, and it was there she achieved her dream of becoming a qualified fitness instructor.  She has since returned to Wotton and taken one step further by opening a local fitness studio.

Carly’s passion to share her desire for well-being and fitness is limitless, as is her desire to embrace life to its fullest: a great inspiration.   

Rich Daniel

This week in the Inspiration Cabin we meet the amazing Rich Daniel, a PE teacher at KLB School. 

He shares his determination (and stubbornness!) in taking positive action raising money for, and promoting an awareness of, charities that are close to his heart, all whilst recovering from an operation to remove a golf ball sized tumour from his brain.

Paul Groom

Local photographer Paul Groom talks about his passion for photography and the path that led him to his creative inspiration. Paul has exhibited his work locally, including at Under the Edge Arts in 2018, with stunning portraits of birds of prey and various shoots taken at Wotton Pool. He shares his story with Jacky, and gives some great photography tips!

Maria Carin Gala

This week in the Inspiration Cabin we meet the delightful Maria Carin Gala from Gala’s Organic Kitchen, as she shares her passion for cooking. Her latest cookbook “Lick Your Plate” is full of delicious recipes which are plant-based, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. Maria takes us on her culinary journey in a conversation bursting with inspiration to share and amazing energy, from her kitchen to yours.

Daisy Winter

Have you ever thought about writing a book? 

Daisy has created the character of Princess Poppy, an adventurous princess with a big heart, who learns about the importance of helping others. It’s a great book to read to little ones. In this conversation with Jacky, Daisy takes us into her fascinating imagination to share her journey from an idea to a story with amazing illustrations.

Sarah Titley - Edge Radio

Sarah Titley from Edge Radio shares her amazing combination of motivation and welcomed energy in the Inspiration Cabin this week. 

If you are thinking about trying something new you will certainly be inspired by Sarah as her enthusiasm and 'giving something a go' is contagious.

Tim, the Cider Man

Tim, founder of Orchard Revival Cider, takes us to his productive shed and  shares his enthusiasm for the art of making cider using local traditions combined with his passion for orchards.

Kazuko Hill Ito

For anyone interested in Japanese cooking this is the one to watch. 

Kaz, founder of Japanese Table in Wotton, shares amazing inspiring home-cooking delights, with an insight into stories of her deep culinary heritage and her relationship with healthy eating. 


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